Artist Statement

I make glass castings by sculpting original designs in microcrystalline wax mixture that I melt in a crock pot & manipulate using my hands or tools. I make an investment mold around the wax using a variety materials that behave like glass as they rise and lower in temp. Every investment mold is different and hand made by me. I steam out the wax while the mold is upside down. I clean & fire the mold in a ceramics style kiln to burn out the water.  I flip the mold and fill it with pieces of glass called billets. The billets come in every color and are made with metals for the coloring effects. Each brand whether from Portland, New Zealand, or Germany, has different proprieties such as melting temperatures or the rate at which it cools. I write corresponding heating and cooling kiln plans depending on the size and shape of my castings. After the firing I remove the investment mold. They breakaway after a chemical burn out and some excavating. I clean the glass and then cut and polish it to the desired surface texture.
As far as concept, every piece I make has meaning to me and likely has a statement of its own about its meaning. My process is tactile and time intensive. I feel I relate to them as I am making them. If you would like to know about a specific piece, tell me what it reminds you of, or how you interpret it, nothing would make me happier. Please send me a message.